Mediation as an alternative: Australian Jewish News Article

Australian Jewish News interviews Daniel Myers on the advantages of mediation during the separation and property settlement process of family law

Daniel Myers recently outlined the significant benefits of Mediation, to process, timing and expense of family law separations and property settlements, in an article Australian Jewish News

Daniel’s top 5 benefits of Mediation in family law include:

  • Mediations take place at a time and location to suit the parties and the mediator;
  • Mediation offers an opportunity for parties to tailor the process and the resolution of their dispute to suit their needs and circumstances;
  • Mediation is private;
  • Mediation can often lead to a much shorter settlement turnaround timeframe;
  • Mediation usually costs much less for a family than litigation, with the result that more of the family’s property is available to the parties and their children.

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