More than 25 years of experience in resolving the most complex, high value, personal and business related issues.

Since 2008 our firm has been lead by one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurial lawyers, Mr Adam Levine, who for over 25 years has acted for individuals and business families providing deep experience to resolve their most complex, high value, personal and business related issues.

Rockwell Bates since its inception has been known as standing above all other boutique law firms for its innovative & entrepreneurial thinking, its willingness to challenge the norms, and not being afraid to take a view!

Uniquely we also bring insights and advice based on our own business and personal pursuits which enables us to think outside the box and develop an integrated legal, personal and commercial solution to the table.

From relationship breakdowns, binding financial agreements, asset protection, and estate planning, through to private business acquisitions and restructures, complex litigation, white collar criminal and regulatory enforcement defence and high value property transactions – Rockwell Bates maintains a core focus on premium Family Law and Private Client matters for our clients.

Child Custody & Parenting Arrangements

We maintain a core focus on premium Family Law and Private Client matters for our clients.

Matters Completed
Years of Family Law Experience in Our Team
$M of Assets Protected, Transacted or Divested

Our specialist premium legal services are focused on two core areas

Private Client

Our private client services cover off on a range of key legal services focused on building, protecting and transferring your wealth which includes:

  • Protection of Commercial Interests Through Litigation & Mediation
  • Private Business Acquisitions, Divestments & Restructures
  • Estate Planning & Asset Protection Strategies
  • Tax Planning & Tax Protection Strategies
Estate Planning
Parents Pulling Child Apart Compressed

Family Law

Uniquely at Rockwell Bates we support our Family Law clients who are going through a difficult emotional journey via our industry first Rockwell Bates Mental Health & Wellbeing Coach and support those clients who may be asset rich but cash poor via our Rockwell Bates Family Law Funding Solution. These solutions help our clients navigate along the journey of our family law services which include:

  • Divorce & Relationship Breakdown
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Complex Financial & Property Settlements
  • Binding Financial Agreements or “Pre-Nups”
  • Children & Parenting Arrangements

The Lawyers Behind Our Results

Private Client

Adam Levine

Adam Levine

Private Equity, Mergers & Divestments and Deal Structuring

Georgina Parisis

Private Clients, Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Giang Tran

Giang Tran

Tax for Privately Owned Groups and Individuals

Family Law

Elisa Berry

Elisa Berry


The Rockwell Bates Unique Approach

1. Challenge the “norms”

We believe that to get the right outcome for clients who have complex lives and structures you don’t simply just go with convention. Mediocre results come from apathy and just following the precedents… but exceptional results, Rockwell Bates results ….come from challenging them !

2. Take a View

Our client’s pay for advice. Our lawyers are direct, honest and don’t just tell you want you want to hear. Options are important to understand but success comes from giving direction and taking action not fence sitting !

3. Be Human

We know that matters we advise on are usually a human problem as much as a legal issue. In Family Law we place an emphasis ensuring that the separation process is dignified and, where possible, resolved outside of court. As evidence of this Rockwell Bates provide access to free Mental Health and Wellbeing coaches to support you and your family through difficult times. In Private Client matters we tailor an all-encompassing strategy that is future-proof and provides protection no matter how unique or complex your circumstances may be. We also understand the personal dynamics and sensitive issues that come with Estate Planning, Asset Protection and even when you are being investigated by various tax authorities.

4. Relentless

Compassion for our clients and focus on the human element of a matter is core to our DNA, but please don’t engage Rockwell Bates if you want your lawyers to be slow, unresponsive or will easily give up. We are relentless, we run 24/7, and we will leave stone unturned in finding a solution for you.

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