Given the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses, landlords and tenants are both concerned regarding the payment of rent. In this regard, the Victorian government has provided land tax relief to eligible commercial and residential landlords who provided rent relief to tenants impacted by coronavirus, or who were unable to secure a tenant as […]

Teaser: Binding Financial Agreements – Family Law Presentation.

We have selected a few slides from our most recent presentation on Binding Financial Agreements. For further details regarding our presentation and how it might assist you or your clients, please contact our office. For a confidential chat about BFA’s, Pre-Nups and anything Family Law please contact Daniel Myers, Principal Solicitor – Family Law .

Managing Personality Disorders in Family Law Matters

Daniel Myers discusses how his study of psychology has impacted his approach to mental health issues in family law disputes. After almost three years of study I’m now part-way through the Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) at Deakin University.  Enrolling in the course was sparked by my love of psychology and the science of human […]

Family Lawyers, they aren’t as Scary as You might Think!

In the first of a two-part series, Daniel Myers, Principal Solicitor – Family Law talks about what to expect during an initial appointment with a family lawyer, and why family lawyers are not as scary as you might think. I’m aware from meeting with clients over the years that the idea of going to see […]

Top 4 Reasons To Consider Using a Specialist Divorce Lawyer and How to Prepare for your 1st Conference.

It can be easy to feel lost and confused when it comes to the details of a divorce or separation. Trying to work through the details with your partner can often feel like an uphill battle with each of you simply talking past each other. To make the process easier on yourself, it is a […]

6 Ways To Discuss Separation and Divorce With Your Partner

Divorce and separation can be some of the most difficult events in a person’s life. While family lawyers in Melbourne can help you to navigate these transitions, it is important to know about how best to broach this conversation with your partner. Let’s look at six effective tips for discussing divorce and separation with your […]

“The Rockwellian” – May 2020/Vol. 7. A Reflection by Adam Levine, Founder and Principal of Rockwell Bates.

Adam Levine shares a personal post on “Remembrance Day” To learn more about Rockwell Bates Founder, Adam Levine, please view our new website  Connect with Rockwell Bate on Linkedin.Connect with Adam Levine on Linkedin We are Here for YOU…Looking to keep fit whilst in isolation?Here’s a link to help you ! Feel free to join Daniel Myers Linkedin, Principal Family Lawyer in one of his […]