Federal Budget 2021/22

On 11 May 2021, the Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced the Federal Budget, which placed emphasis on rebuilding our economy, creating jobs and securing Australia’s future. The focus of this Federal Budget is to “secure Australia’s economic recovery” by investing in infrastructure and skills to create more jobs and provide incentives to business to “hire, […]

Family Court’s new initiative to tackle Family Violence – Lighthouse Project

There is no hiding from the concerning statistics surrounding family violence, with one women per week, one man per month and one child per fortnight killed every year at the hands of their intimate partner or family member. In light of these statistics, the Family Court of Australia has initiated a program to assist families […]

ATO’s First Conviction – Taxpayer Found Guilty for Rorting JobKeeper

It was only a matter of time before the ATO secured its first conviction against businesses rorting the JobKeeper program. On 24 February 2021 at the Heidelberg Magistrates Court, Raed Saleh pleaded guilty to three counts of making a false and misleading statement to the ATO in relation to accessing the JobKeeper program. Mr Saleh […]

Family Law Separation and Taxes – Why you need to consider both in any Financial Settlement

Going through a family law separation can be both difficult and emotionally draining.  The last thing on your mind would be the tax implications that arise from a separation and this is why it is so important before finalising any financial arrangements that you seek proper legal advice.  The tax implications of a separation and […]

Estate Planning and Why You Need It.

With us well into the New Year and and with easing of COVID restrictions, now its a good time to start think about Estate Planning. With more Australians owning more assets, its important to ensure that your assets are protected. What is Estate Planning? Estate Planning can be as simple as just organising a will. […]

Family Law, Christmas and Kids: a jolly old time or a rotten turkey?

How to navigate your way through co-parenting during the holiday season Christmas arrangements Given 2020 has been a stressful and challenging year, we’re all looking for a fresh start come 2021! After what seems like forever, Melbourne is thankfully out of lockdown, however we’ve immediately run into the Christmas and the holiday season. In normal […]

Managing Personality Disorders in Family Law Matters

Daniel Myers discusses how his study of psychology has impacted his approach to mental health issues in family law disputes. After almost three years of study I’m now part-way through the Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) at Deakin University.  Enrolling in the course was sparked by my love of psychology and the science of human […]

Family Lawyers, they aren’t as Scary as You might Think!

In the first of a two-part series, Daniel Myers, Principal Solicitor – Family Law talks about what to expect during an initial appointment with a family lawyer, and why family lawyers are not as scary as you might think. I’m aware from meeting with clients over the years that the idea of going to see […]

Top 4 Reasons To Consider Using a Specialist Divorce Lawyer and How to Prepare for your 1st Conference.

It can be easy to feel lost and confused when it comes to the details of a divorce or separation. Trying to work through the details with your partner can often feel like an uphill battle with each of you simply talking past each other. To make the process easier on yourself, it is a […]

6 Ways To Discuss Separation and Divorce With Your Partner

Divorce and separation can be some of the most difficult events in a person’s life. While family lawyers in Melbourne can help you to navigate these transitions, it is important to know about how best to broach this conversation with your partner. Let’s look at six effective tips for discussing divorce and separation with your […]