Strategy, ideation and technical execution service for mid-market business acquisitions, divestments and restructuring.

The real world experience in private equity investing has given the private client team unmatched insights into all aspects of legal advisory including not just the M&A side, but also around shareholder restructures, private capital raises, introduction to and deal structuring for Private Equity funds – through to directors duties investigations, compliance issues, shareholder agreements, shareholder management issues and creditor/funding stakeholder management. There is no better than Rockwell Bates in the mid-market private client business acquisition, divestment and restructuring space.

At Rockwell Bates, we’ve long focused on helping our clients succeed in business. Led by the private practice and investment banking experience of our founder Adam Levine, we’re passionate about providing mid-market businesses with strong legal advice. Whether it’s mergers and acquisitions, divestments or business restructuring, we use our legal and private equity experience to help companies to achieve their goals.

Areas To Consider When Acquiring a Business

Acquiring a business is a complex process. It is always recommended to seek experienced legal advice to ensure that every facet of the transaction has been accounted for, ensuring the transaction proceeds smoothly and without unforeseen complications. This includes accounting for finance, employees, business assets and any ongoing obligations to government regulators.

When undertaking the acquisition process, we can advise on major areas of due diligence, such as:


With an acquisition, the acquiring business has an obligation to understand the business’s financial status to be purchased. This includes information such as profit and loss statements, business assets and liabilities.

While understanding the financial health of an acquired business is important in determining the price of acquisition, reporting such information is also a legal obligation.


When determining a fair price in acquiring a business, it’s important to look at the strength of its customer base. Considering elements such as customer retention, acquisition and customer lifetime value will ultimately help set a fair market price for a business. Understanding a customer base before purchase is a necessary element of due diligence.


Business turnover and profitability should be considered in relation to previously mentioned financial statements. Determining the financial health of a business before acquisition can be a significant guiding factor in the potential for that business to be profitable. Understanding potential profitability should be instructive when offering to acquire a business.

Business Restructure

The Rockwell Bates team can assist in cases of business restructure, a process that often precedes acquisition. Whether you are acquiring a business or your business is being acquired, we can provide legal guidance on an ideal business structure with regards to risk management, asset protection and ensuring your business is thoroughly prepared for a smooth acquisition.

Business restructuring advice can also be valuable for objectives beyond mergers and acquisitions, and we can assist with restructuring for the purposes of future investment, debt consolidation, regulatory compliance and more.

If you’re interested in further understanding how Rockwell Bates can help your merger and acquisition goals, please get in touch today.

The way in which your Family Law team gave me a very clear road map of the divorce process and what to expect as well as an explanation of the costs to get to each stage - made me feel totally in control of my whole divorce proceedings. I would absolutely recommend Daniel and his team!

Family Law Client

The Rockwell Bates team worked with my tax advisors and accountants to construct a complex estate plan and family business charter that protected the wealth I had created via our family business interest but gave us enough flexibility & clarity to enable me to help my children in their own business and personal ventures.

Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Private Business FAQs

The Private Business Lawyer helps you with Private Equity Funds and the structuring of those. They assist with compliance issues, shareholder agreements, and management. They also help with acquisitions, divestments, and business restructuring too.

Business Lawyers understand the nuances involved with business-related legal issues, such as contracts, leases, business structures, and more. Having a Business Lawyer means you don't need to be an expert in commercial and business law. Leave that to us.

You call Rockwell Bates for a conversation. Tell us your issues and your concerns, and then we assess how we can work together. We will explain how we see the situation, how we can help you, and what will happen legally going forward.

Rockwell Bates can help your merger and acquisition goals.

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