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Family Law At Rockwell Bates

Rockwell Bates are one of the most highly regarded and trusted family law firms in Melbourne with a wealth of experience in both simple and complex property and parenting cases across a full spectrum of issues. On the financial side this includes dealing with both small and large asset pools, family trusts and corporate entities, business and real estate valuations, superannuation splits, international property, spousal maintenance and Binding Financial Agreements. In relation to children our work includes acting in relocation disputes, family violence matters, contravention applications, parenting alienation, cases involving substance abuse and mental health issues, and child support matters.

Alongside our experience, what sets us apart is:

  • Recognising that resolving a family law matter is usually a human problem as much as a technical and legal problem. We place a huge emphasis ensuring that the separation process is dignified and, where possible, resolved outside court. We believe that collaborating, negotiating and mediation should always be encouraged before considering litigation.
  • In recognition of the emotional toll that family law disputes can cause on participants we have introduced a ground-breaking new offering for family – the Rockwell Bates Mental Health & Wellbeing Coach – designed to help our family law clients through the most difficult emotional time and ensure they are nurturing themselves and their children as they navigate the pathway forward.
  • We provide access to a unique Rockwell Bates Family Law Funding solution to ensure those with large asset pools but limited cash availability can still get the best legal representation.

We Take Care of All Your Family Matters

No matter how complex or unique your family situation may be, our expert family lawyers at Rockwell Bates have the grounded experience and knowledge to get the results and outcomes you’re looking for.

Find out more about what we can do for you in each of our Family Law services below.

Binding Financial Agreements / Pre-Nups

If you wish to enter into a Binding Financial Agreement or your intended spouse has asked you to, we will provide you with specialist advice to ensure that it is fair and that it gives you maximum certainty on separation.

Alternatives to Litigation

We take a human approach to the difficult issues that arise from separation and try to resolve them in a respectful, dignified and non-litigious way. Alternatives to litigation can reduce the stress and cost of litigation, help you and your former spouse to communicate with each other, and remain completely private.

Divorce & Relationship Breakdowns

Rockwell Bates brings expertise across a diverse range of family and divorce matters. 

From same sex relationships, to IVF and surrogacy born children, through to part time co-habitation arrangements and blended families and more.

Maintenance & Support

Binding Child Support Agreement offers a more flexible way of arranging child support and may include provisions for joint or individual payment of specific expenses such as school fees or medical costs. Binding Child Support Agreements are a key area of expertise at Rockwell Bates.

Complex Financial & Property Settlements

We can help you with court orders relating to your capital assets (including business interests, share portfolios, properties and more). Our team is here to ensure your complex financial and property settlements are negotiated in your favour to the best possible degree and reduce future financial or property settlement related issues.

Children & Parenting Arrangements

We advise clients on all issues affecting children upon relationship breakdown. This includes living and spend-time arrangements, decision-making processes and specific issues surrounding their care such as which school they should attend, or what medical care they should receive. 

Our Team of Senior Family Lawyers

Elisa Berry

Elisa Berry

Associate Principal – Family Law

How We Can Help You & Your Family

From the moment you meet with our family lawyers, you’ll experience professionalism, service, support, and guidance through all your family law matters and cases.

We take the time to listen carefully to your situation and obtain a deep understanding of the outcomes you are looking to achieve.

Our team of specialist Family Law lawyers and solicitors hold years of experience and are knowledgeable in all aspects of Family Law. We advocate and negotiate on your behalf so that you feel represented and have your voice heard in all aspects of the legal process.

Family Lawyer Costs & Fees

We’re also here to help you financially as you deal with Family Law matters and settlements.

At Rockwell Bates, we have been able to secure an innovative funding solution to allow you to access your legal or equitable interests in your matrimonial home, to fund our ongoing fees and ensure you get the best legal representation for your divorce and family law matter.

Under our solution in most cases * :

  • You only pay a low interest rate on the money that you actually use to pay our fees,
  • It is limited recourse back to your interests in your matrimonial house, and
  • You only make repayments when you get the money from the sale of your  matrimonial house or upon a lump sum payment from your spouse.

*This is general information only and is not to be relied upon. Any costs, fees and security requirements will be clearly outlined in the loan documentation which is provided by our finance partner and may differ from the above.


The Rockwell Bates Unique Approach

1. Challenge the “norms”

We believe that to get the right outcome for clients who have complex lives and structures you don’t simply just go with convention. Mediocre results come from apathy and just following the precedents… but exceptional results, Rockwell Bates results ….come from challenging them !

2. Take a View

Our client’s pay for advice. Our lawyers are direct, honest and don’t just tell you want you want to hear. Options are important to understand but success comes from giving direction and taking action not fence sitting !

3. Be Human

We know that matters we advise on are usually a human problem as much as a legal issue. In Family Law we place an emphasis ensuring that the separation process is dignified and, where possible, resolved outside of court. As evidence of this Rockwell Bates provide access to free Mental Health and Wellbeing coaches to support you and your family through difficult times. In Private Client matters we tailor an all-encompassing strategy that is future-proof and provides protection no matter how unique or complex your circumstances may be. We also understand the personal dynamics and sensitive issues that come with Estate Planning, Asset Protection and even when you are being investigated by various tax authorities.

4. Relentless

Compassion for our clients and focus on the human element of a matter is core to our DNA, but please don’t engage Rockwell Bates if you want your lawyers to be slow, unresponsive or will easily give up. We are relentless, we run 24/7, and we will leave stone unturned in finding a solution for you.